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February 10, 2024
Since the release of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, mobile phones have advanced significantly. This list of the most costly phones in the world is the result of new technologies on these gadgets combining with gold and gemstones aesthetics over time.
Prices for smartphones vary based on the brand, features, and capacity. The smartphone market has been controlled by brands like Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi thanks to their premium phone lineups and exceptional capabilities.
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Sadly, the gadgets aren’t very noticeable in a crowd. For this reason, we’re going to investigate the qualities that support the exorbitant price tags of the most costly phones on the planet.
Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond — $48.5 million

It may surprise you to learn that this phone costs an incredible $48.5 million! The ultimate in luxury is embodied by the Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond. The now-defunct luxury goods company Falcon Luxury Group released it in 2004.
The Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond has a bezel set with uncommon pink and blue diamonds and is covered in your selection of precious metals. The phone’s back panel, with a big pink diamond in the middle, is the focal point.
Despite the elegant style of this smartphone, you’ll wonder about its high price after seeing its 8MP camera. Upon its release, this phone was targeted towards individuals with substantial funds, and although it’s unclear if any were purchased, it remains the priciest phone to date.
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Materials used:
Platinum, gold (18 carats or 24 carats)
A huge 16.2-carat pink diamond shaped like an emerald
Numerous uncommon blue diamonds.
Stuart Hughes iPhone 4S Elite Gold — $9.4 million

Stuart Hughes is not unfamiliar with the realm of high-end merchandise. The designer specializes in creating luxurious and high-tech products, such as USB sticks, smartphones, and boats. His brand’s iPhone 4S Elite has the second position on our ranking of the priciest phones in the world.
More than 100 carats of flawless diamonds total on this magnificent device. Though the Apple logo and button are also jeweled, they are mostly located around the sides. There was also a big stone with an 8.6-carat single-cut diamond on that navigation button.

This smartphone also includes a 7.4-carat pink diamond that you can replace and personalized packaging as a bonus. Along with a variety of stones like pietersite, opal, and star sunstone, the chest contains fragments of dinosaur bone. This phone is also available in a Diamond Rose Edition model, which costs 6.3 million dollars and comes in a unique box.
Materials used:
24 carat gold set with over 500 perfect diamonds
The navigation button’s 8.6-carat and 7.4-carat diamonds
bespoke box set with gemstones and dinosaur skeletons
There were just two models made.
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iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose by Stuart Hughes — $3.02 million

The iPhone 3GS Supreme Rose edition smartphone is the second device designed by Stuart Hughes to appear on the list of the priciest phones in the world as of right now. It is more sophisticated and has more jewels than the golden iPhone 4.
Similar to the 4S Elite Gold, this phone’s navigation button features a single diamond. The stone weighs 7.1 carats and is mounted in rose gold. 130 immaculate.75-carat diamonds surround the platinum bezel of the gadget. Due to the 18-carat rose gold back panel set with 53 diamonds, the Supreme Rose has a lovely two-tone appearance.
Made from a single granite chunk and finished with leather and Kashmiri gold, the box is unmistakably unique. Purchasers of this smartphone who are really wealthy and fortunate will also receive an Ostrich foot wallet.
Materials used:
7.1-carat single-cut diamond
platinum bezel set with 130 diamonds
18-carat rose gold back panel
A unique container and ostrich purse.
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Diamond Crypto Smartphone — $1.3 million

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is a sophisticated device with amazing build and design quality. It was created by Austrian accessory and design manufacturer Peter Aloisson, who is renowned for creating opulent gadgets.
This phone, which costs 1.3 million dollars, has a sturdy platinum body and substantial weight. The device’s primary button and slides are surrounded by 50 diamonds and panels made of Macassar Ebony. The handset has 10 blue diamonds and extra security even though it doesn’t have anti-theft features.

While it may not be any more technologically advanced than the other phones on our list, this outdated gadget does include extra encryption technology. Although specifics are still hazy, the device itself is unquestionably distinctive.

Materials used:
50 diamonds with solid platinum chassis
Ten rare blue diamonds
Encryption technology.
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Goldvish Le Million — $1.3 million

Goldvish is a brand associated with luxury phones for those who can afford to pay the price. The Goldvish Le Million is a million-dollar phone in every sense of the word and has the most unique form factor to make our list.

To say this phone has a unique design would be an understatement. It resembles a bejeweled dagger of sorts with a small display and more than 100 diamonds. 18-carat gold is used throughout the design, which varies to a degree depending on the version of the Goldvish Le Million.
The Le Million is an obsolete simple phone with no particularly clever features, much like many of the priciest phones in the world. Just three of these pricey phones were made by the company, and it looks like just two of them were sold.
Materials used:
Over 150 diamonds
Only three phones exist
Premium gold chassis.
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Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot — $1 million

As the name implies, this phone is a remarkable, constructed from the best components. It is a product of Gresso, a business that is well-known for giving cellphones an ostentatious makeover.
A piece of art is the Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot phone. The back panel of the phone is made of wood that was taken from an African tree that is 200 years old, and it is encircled by 18 carat gold. Along with laser-etched sapphires, a significant number of gold and black diamonds are embellished.
Although it has a unique design, like most golden handsets, it also has dated hardware. There were only three made by Gresso, and each one has a unique number on the back of the blackwood panel.
Materials used:
Personalized 18-carat gold case
Dark-colored diamonds
Rare sapphires
African Blackwood back panel.

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Vertu Signature Cobra — $504,000

In 2006, the premium brand Vertu and French jeweler Boucheron collaborated to release the Cobra from their Signature Collection. This phone is expensive, but it was creatively put together by hand in the UK by the manufacturer.
This gorgeous phone is guarded by a cobra made of 439 rubies and two emeralds for the eyes. A 2.02-carat diamond sits next to its head, while another 1.02-carat diamond is nestled inside its coils. The keypad and body have the same elegant style. The manufacturer claims that the ruby pads took four years to make.

Materials used:
Two emeralds and 439 rubies make up the cobra’s eyes.
A 1.02-carat diamond in its coils and a 2.02-carat diamond close to the head.
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Stuart Hughes iPhone 15 Pro Platinum & Black Diamond Time Edition — $37,892
One of the few remaining designers on our list is Stuart Hughes. One of his most recent inventions, the Platinum & Diamond Time Edition phone is a smartphone that will be useful for many years to come.
Stuart created this fascinating contraption on his iPhone 15 Pro. The casing is made of 300 grams of solid platinum that has been manually etched. The rear camera array has 200 black diamonds surrounding it, yet this phone lacks the Apple logo. The iconic logo of the smartphone is replaced with a Tourbillion watch, which gives it a distinctive look.

In comparison to other options on our list, the Platinum & Black Diamond Time Edition iPhone 15 is reasonably priced at approximately $38,000. It’s not as jewel-studded as 4S Elite or Supreme Rose, but it does come with a handmade wooden box and a COA.
Materials used:
300 grams of solid platinum
200 black diamonds
Custom wooden box

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