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Before the release of Swift’s concert film, it’s time to evaluate one of the tour’s greatest gifts: the way it turned A-listers (and B-listers, and Z-listers …) into massive Swifties, just like the rest of us
When Taylor Swift embarked on a tour meant to capture every single era of her winding career, it was only natural that the fans would turn the theme into a challenge. From the very first show in Glendale, Arizona, those attending embodied different versions of Taylor, showing up in pretty pastels as Lover Taylor, donning black and gold snakes as Reputation Taylor, or covering themselves with sparkly stars as Midnights Taylor.
But as Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, the concert film documenting Taylor’s historic tour, hits theaters this week, I’d like to suggest a new spin on concert cosplay culture: I think we should all choose a celebrity Taylor Swift fan to embody when we show up at our local AMCs. Because let me tell you, there is no shortage of options.
Basically everyone who has ever been famous attended the Eras Tour at some point, and they can serve as a source of inspiration for fans looking to mix it up at their screenings. Maybe you want to go all in on friendship bracelets like Halsey, Jennifer Garner, and Emma Stone. Maybe you want to go the chaotic route and livestream the movie on social media like Tiffany Haddish and Sarah Paulson. Maybe you want to prove that male Swifties do exist, and you’re planning to shout out every lyric like Aaron Rodgers and Channing Tatum did. Or maybe you’re just planning to sit in the back row and get a little handsy with your significant other (we saw you, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello).
But while the choices are endless, there is a hierarchy to them. I’ve taken it upon myself to rank every celebrity I could dig up who attended a Taylor Swift concert this year. Because make no mistake: For celebrities, going to the Eras Tour was absolutely a competition. Here’s who won it.
Note: No openers or onstage collaborators were eligible—if they performed onstage, with one notable exception, they aren’t on this list. The celebrities had to be there first and foremost as fans of Taylor. And sure, maybe I missed a celeb or two, but have pity on a tired Swiftie—after over 100 blurbs, I basically lost the will to live.
Right away, here’s the exception to the no onstage performers rule. I don’t want to talk about Matty Healy, but we have to, very briefly, talk about Matty Healy.
The chaotic month during which Taylor rebounded with the 1975 frontman—which included his three appearances at the Eras Tour, and a brief cameo onstage with Phoebe Bridgers—was a truly unbearable time to be a fan of either artist, or to be a human on the internet at all. I’m ranking people on this list based on how much joy I felt seeing each of them at the shows and how much joy I think they personally felt throughout the concert, and Matty Healy made me feel nothing but rage. I also can’t imagine he was living it up during “Shake It Off,” as God intended. There’s just no way this edgelord had a good time.
So here he is, at the bottom. However you feel about Matty—and I’d say few of us feel favorable at this point—I think we’d all be happiest forgetting his relationship with Taylor ever happened. This is one era we can leave in the past.
Apologies to Mark Zuckerberg and his daughters, who all ostensibly had the time of their lives at the Eras Tour, but this picture will haunt me forever. He ruined the rhinestone Lover heart for me. Tainted forever. Until the day he beats Elon Musk into a pulp, I can’t and won’t forgive him.
Can you believe I’m making you think about former Try Guy Ned Fulmer again? This guy has got to stop going to concerts. Not even a year after he got caught attending a Harry Styles concert with his coworker-slash-girlfriend, exposing their affair and prompting his departure from the Try Guys, Ned attended the Eras Tour with his wife, Ariel. He was also … shirtless for some reason? I can’t tell whether the concert parallels were purposeful or not (perhaps a statement about how their marriage has recovered), but either way … ugh. OK, let’s go back to forgetting about him.
If any Scrubs fans are reading this, I apologize for Donald Faison’s ranking, but he’s inextricably linked to my parasocial enemy Zach Braff and therefore must be punished accordingly. Yeah, they went to the Eras Tour. No, they didn’t dress up. It is in keeping with the spirit of Taylor Swift’s many feuds that I refuse to rank Zach Braff any higher—on this list, or any other. Unblock me on Twitter, Braff, and maybe I’ll reconsider.
These two did not attend tthe Eras Tour together, but I’m grouping them together in one blurb that I like to think of as the “would have been higher a few weeks ago, but …” squad. Emma Roberts, already near the bottom of the Famous Emmas ranking, is dead last lately thanks to her recently reported transphobic behavior on the set of American Horror Story. And after Drew Barrymore trashed her glowing public image by attempting to cross the writers strike picket line, it’s a little tough to give her any credit for wearing sparkles or trading friendship bracelets over the summer. To be fair, this list is not a morality ranking, but again, my personal joy is a factor, and there is little joy to be found with these two at the moment.
I greatly appreciate that publications like Us Weekly do their best to compile posts from every public figure who attended the Eras Tour, but their definition of celebrity is slightly different from mine. Maybe it’s a personal problem—I don’t know much about reality TV—but this group is made up of all the people that I’m told attended and I’m told are famous; I simply do not know them. For the most part, they’re TikTokers, reality stars, country music singers, D-list actors, and the kid from Heartstopper. (I did like that show. Sorry, buddy.)
I do not want to write a blurb about Simu Liu at the Eras Tour, and you do not want to read a blurb about Simu Liu at the Eras Tour. Let’s just agree to keep it moving.
While researching this ridiculous piece, I came across several blogs that claim Reese Witherspoon is a “proud” and “massive Swiftie.” But even though she attended a Nashville stop, I’m not convinced that Reese Witherspoon is much of a Swiftie at all. Sure, it fits into her brand, but read this caption and tell me it doesn’t sound like it was written by someone who barely knows a single Taylor song:
A post shared by Reese Witherspoon (@reesewitherspoon)
The other evidence everyone is pointing to for her Swiftie cred is a 2022 interview about Where the Crawdads Sing, a movie produced by Reese, in which she says Taylor’s original song “Carolina” is “beautiful, and the perfect way to end the movie.” Like, sure, of course it is. But if I’m gonna be reading headlines about how she’s a huge Swiftie, I’m gonna need to see better receipts. Reese, sing the “Cruel Summer” bridge word for word. I dare you!
The nicest thing I can say about Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler’s incredibly blah appearance at the Eras Tour is that thanks to this TikTok, I found out that Adam Scott was also there. Love that guy.
Gal Gadot was very tall, and very pretty, and very boring at the Eras Tour. Black outfit, no friendship bracelets … yawn. I’ve given her a blurb of her own purely to ask: Do you think she tried to get Taylor Swift to be in her infamous “Imagine” video back in 2020? Just curious. I’m leaning definitely yes.
Nearly every headline about Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello at the Eras Tour includes the acronym “PDA,” which automatically drops them to the bottom half of the list. It looks like all they did was some heavy snuggling, but still, when we normalize concert PDA, we end up with Timothée Chalamet and Kylie Jenner’s make-out at Beyoncé. Actions have consequences.
The odds that PTA attended the Eras Tour exclusively to see HAIM are pretty good. Like, there is a legitimate chance that he left after their set. Since he’s possibly the only person who truly cared more about the opener than Taylor, I don’t think we can award him very many Swiftie points. But he’s certainly loyal to his faves, and we have to give him credit for that.
Something about Anya Taylor-Joy makes me feel like she was super bored at the Eras Tour. I can’t find any record of her being a Taylor Swift fan, but while researching, I did come across this face morph of “Anya Taylor Swift,” which I must now share with you. Anyway, I can’t prove it, but I feel like she probably left early.
It is thanks to this video of Anya, however, that I recognized the King in the North, Richard Madden, was also at the Eras Tour, and I feel he merits a last-minute inclusion on this list. I’d know that gray streak anywhere.
Sure, he showed up, but we all know he’s really more of a Rihanna guy.
Sofia Richie (now Grainge) gets points for posting a TikTok documenting her friendship bracelets, but the shot of her ring at the end is so classic that I have to laugh. We get it, you got married! Please find a new lane!
According to her Broad Ideas podcast, Rachel Bilson’s 8-year-old daughter left the Eras Tour—her first concert ever—ready to end some friendships after her young pals were too tired to stay for the entire show. “She was mad. She was so mad,” Rachel said, explaining that her daughter’s friend passed out in her seat after going too hard during “I Knew You Were Trouble.”
Rookie mistake: Everyone knows you’ve gotta pace yourself, even if you’re an 8-year-old.
If there’s one thing Jessica Chastain is gonna do, it’s post. The lady loves to post. And post she did after attending the Eras Tour in Mexico City in August.
A post shared by Jessica Chastain (@jessicachastain)
Points awarded for securing the meet and greet, but points deducted for wearing a black dress and trench coat. Can we get a sparkle or two? A friendship bracelet? We can do better. We must.
Essentially the only thing that this group has in common is that I’m a fan of them all, I follow them all closely on Instagram, and I witnessed their Eras concert experiences in real time on my own Instagram feed, no research needed. They get a section of their own because they are tragically not famous enough to be any higher, but I enjoyed their journeys in a pure, unfiltered way nonetheless.
Thanks to the transient nature of Instagram Stories, there is little evidence remaining of some of these personal faves at the Eras Tour, so you’ll have to trust my firsthand observations here. I know Mae Martin was there because I have a huge crush on them, I heavily rooted for them on the recent season of Taskmaster, and I noted that their seats at the L.A. show weren’t too far from mine when they posted a picture on Instagram Stories. I know D’Arcy Carden was there because people tell me we look alike, and I thought it would be funny if I saw her in person. I know Haley Lu Richardson was there because people made fun of her character’s clothes on The White Lotus and she wore an equally quirky outfit to the concert. And I know Hayley Kiyoko and Becca Tilley were there because they’re the only Bachelor Nation couple that I’ve literally ever cared about.
In classic fashion, Robert Pattinson somehow evaded nearly every mainstream list of celebrities who attended the Eras Tour. It was only while researching Suki Waterhouse that I came across this incredibly blurry picture as proof that he was there with her:
Nova foto de Taylor Swift com Robert Pattinson, Julia Garner, Suki Waterhouse, Keleigh Teller, Miles Teller e Aaron Rodgers nos bastidores da “The Eras Tour” neste domingo, em East Rutherford. pic.twitter.com/DkJQnr6bpE
Suki has said that her favorite album is Evermore (taste), but I’m curious which Taylor Swift songs float Rob’s boat. I’m sure it’s not anything on Midnights; he’s more of a Twilight guy.
(I’m so sorry.)
It was a big day for the Buffy fans (a.k.a. me) when Sarah Michelle Gellar posted a selfie with Seth Green at one of the L.A. stops of the Eras Tour. Alyson Hannigan showed up too, and as one fan put it in the comments, “The fact that Willow heard Willow live …” So important. We must remember that the Scooby Gang was the OG squad goals—Buffy taught Taylor everything she knows. (For example, it never works out with the blond British guy.)
I have no idea what these two talked about, but they took two pictures together at the show, one of which included Taylor’s parents, so words must have been exchanged in some respect.
A post shared by Paula Abdul (@paulaabdul)
A fascinating duo in so many ways. The height difference. The look of exhaustion in Vince’s eyes. Is he happy? Did he enjoy the show? There’s no way to know. Paula clearly did, though.
It’s hard for me to be cynical about any of these parents bringing their kids to the Eras Tour, and Mindy Kaling and daughter Kit were no exception. Look at them; they had a blast. Those big, clunky concert headphones on little kids get me every time too. Ear safety is adorable!
A post shared by Mindy Kaling (@mindykaling)
The Eras Tour was fuel for many weird celebrity linkups, but somehow this selfie featuring Max Greenfield and Hunter Schafer was the one that really threw me. How do they know each other? What would Schmidt from New Girl think of Euphoria? (He’d hate it.) I’m sure they had a great time; I just have a lot of questions.
Two weeks after filing for divorce from Joe Manganiello, Sofia Vergara donned a sparkly pin-striped suit and hit the Eras Tour on a girls night out, which is pretty much exactly what you’d expect her to do. Her post was on the “look how hot I am” side of the fangirl spectrum, featuring two pictures of herself, none of Taylor, and a caption full of clapping emojis. Full marks.
The most relatable thing about Robin Roberts’s Eras Tour experience is that she fully skipped work on the Friday of her New York show to emotionally, spiritually, and physically prepare. (She skipped the following Monday too, but it was Memorial Day, so we can’t give Taylor all the credit for that one.) One cannot be expected to simply show up to work the day of the Eras Tour, and I respect Robin for normalizing the preconcert day off.
Leave it to Hoda to shout out public transit while sharing her Eras Tour journey on Instagram. She snapped selfies with huge crowds of fans while en route to the show and ended up on the floor with a group of friends. “You always go on these great adventures!” one Instagram commenter replied. I’m pretty sure they meant braving the train with the regular people, as opposed to attending a Taylor Swift concert.
Rachel Zegler told THR in March that she failed to get Eras tickets on Ticketmaster, claiming, “I got screwed by Ticketmaster too, guys. Celebrities, they’re just like us!” Ultimately, though, she managed to get into a New York show in May. Celebrities, they’re not really like us!
Of course Lin-Manuel Miranda made it into the room where it happens. (Sorry.) He wore a silly hat, he toasted a fan-photographer, and he acted pretty much exactly as you’d expect him to act.
I find it very funny that Jesse Tyler Ferguson wore a Cats movie shirt as unofficial Taylor Swift merch to the Eras Tour. That’s all.
A post shared by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (@jessetyler)
I’m a huge fan of the silly bouncing dance that Bradley Cooper was caught doing to “Shake It Off” in N.Y.C. He also receives points for wearing show merch out and about two days after the tour.
Throw a stone into any of the VIP tents on the Eras Tour, and you were likely to hit a Taylor squad member who’s made a cameo in one of her music videos. “Bad Blood” was well represented in L.A., of course, with everyone from the models (Cara Delevingne, Gigi Hadid) to the actresses (Jessica Alba, Lena Dunham, and many more). And we can’t forget the stars of the newer music videos: Sadie Sink of “All Too Well” fame brushed shoulders with Miles and Keleigh Teller (“I Bet You Think About Me”), Joey King (“I Can See You” and “Mean”), and Laura Dern (“Bejeweled”). Then there’s Taylor bestie and fellow Kansas City Chiefs supporter Blake Lively, who directed the “I Bet You Think About Me” video and attended the show in Philadelphia.
They get points for the Taylor Swift connection, of course, but I will say that I was a bit underwhelmed by this group’s lack of fangirl energy—with the exception of Mariska Hargitay, who is carrying this team. The SVU star, whose character is the namesake of Taylor’s cat Olivia Benson, absolutely gushed on Instagram about the show she attended with her daughter, Amaya (and also Savannah Guthrie).
A post shared by Mariska (@therealmariskahargitay)
I don’t feel like I can give Jeff Goldblum complete credit for this dual Instagram post since I’m 99 percent certain the caption was written by his wife, Emilie, who appears to be a true-blue Swiftie.
A post shared by Jeff Goldblum (@jeffgoldblum)
Jeff was definitely along for the ride, but he seemed a little stunned by it all—particularly as Emilie screamed “Cruel Summer” along with the rest of the stadium. The fringe jacket is pretty great, though; he’s clearly a Swiftie by osmosis, if nothing else.
You know who’s a sneaky-weird Instagram follow? Julia Roberts, longtime Swiftie and attendee of a Chicago stop on the Eras Tour. Take, for example, her minimalist Instagram post about the show: one single image of the screen, odd capitalization choices, and three hashtags, #Erastour, #betty, and #13. Why did she choose to highlight “Betty,” which is literally no one’s favorite Taylor Swift song? I have no idea. She’s a national treasure.
A post shared by Julia Roberts (@juliaroberts)
I appreciate David Harbour for being candid about how incredibly hard it was even for celebrities to nail down Eras tickets. “You gotta call in a lot of favors,” he said on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, explaining how he managed to get himself and his stepdaughter into a Minnesota show (which they traveled to because it was the only weekend they could attend). They didn’t get a chance to meet Taylor, but she did write his stepdaughter a note and waved from the stage, which had to win him some points.
We got a strong mom-core showing from country music icon Shania, who posted a video twirling and snapping to “Blank Space” at the Las Vegas show. I suppose most Taylor Swift songs aren’t the easiest to dance to, so even the best of us have to resort to an awkward clap and shuffle on occasion. Doesn’t matter—automatic points to the queen.
I hate to say it, but I think Aaron Rodgers had an amazing time at the Eras Tour. Footage of him living it up was all over the internet, from singing “August” to Miles and Keleigh Teller to shaking it off in the VIP tent and somehow knowing the words to Tis the Damn Season,” which I have no choice but to respect. I was initially going to group the NFL players together into one blurb, but in terms of Swiftie credentials, JJ Watt and Patrick Mahomes cannot begin to compare, and I think we just have to let Aaron cook on his own. (He needs a win right now, you know?)
Something deep inside me made me group these women together—possibly because I associate my Taylor Swift fandom with the time in my life when I was watching things like Pretty Little Liars, iCarly, Victorious, Twilight, etc. I genuinely continue to stan most of these women, and I loved seeing their concerts documented on my Instagram feed: Lana Condor went all out in a pink cowboy hat, Ashley Tisdale made her own T-shirt, and Nina Dobrev arrived in a party bus.
But Candice King, known pretty exclusively by those who watched The Vampire Diaries, was more invested in the Eras Tour than just about any celebrity on this list. I can’t in good faith rank her any higher since I may be the only person who is still invested in her life and career, but I have to give her some space. First of all, Candice went to multiple stops: First she sat in the nosebleeds, then she appears to have bought floor seats in L.A.; she had incredible outfits and makeup and arms full of bracelets; and she put up, from what I can see, five separate grid posts about the shows, including one simply for “counting down to the Eras Tour.” I don’t know whether there’s a bigger Swiftie on this list, and that includes people who know Taylor personally.
Big points to Kerry Washington for posting a preshow video of her Red-era concert outfit:
A post shared by Kerry Washington (@kerrywashington)
That said, disappointingly little footage exists of Kerry at the show. But I don’t feel like we need it—I know in my heart that she had a blast.
Taylor Swift has become friendly with several of her exes over the years, and it seems as though Emma Watson chose to follow in her footsteps, attending the Las Vegas show with ex-boyfriend Brendan Wallace. (They were also papped together in the following weeks, but the internet doesn’t seem convinced that they’re back together.) No better way to experience a Taylor Swift show than by stirring up a few dating rumors of your own, am I right?
I didn’t expect Sandra Oh to go viral for her appearance at the Eras Tour, but neither did the two concertgoers who asked a “super nice lady” to take their picture before realizing it was the 13-time Emmy nominee (fitting!). They relayed the story in a now-deleted TikTok, and Sandra responded with a selfie on her own Instagram Stories that then made the rounds due to an accidental Karlie Kloss cameo in an upper corner of the image. (More on her later.)
Kevin Costner’s Instagram presence is largely what you’d expect from the star of Yellowstone: It’s a lot of cowboy hats and horses, some videos of his band, career throwbacks, and the occasional fishing picture. But he put all that on pause to post a few blurry videos of Taylor Swift and shout out his “inspiring night” at the Eras Tour with his daughter, who made him “officially a Swiftie!”
A post shared by Kevin Costner & Modern West (@kevincostnermodernwest)
Great work, girl dad.
Not too many celebs showed up to the Eras Tour in Cincinnati, but Toni Collette seized the Midwestern moment:
A post shared by TONI COLLETTE (@toni_collette_official)
Now this is a *true* fangirl post. Grid post with a long, earnest caption. All 10 Instagram slides utilized. No selfies, just pictures and videos of Taylor. What does #sheisher mean? No idea. Doesn’t matter. Mark my words: Toni Collette is a real, genuine Swiftie.
At first, Jennifer Lawrence seemed to have a pretty standard Eras tour appearance, dressing like an extra in Daisy Jones & the Six, greeting fans, and receiving friendship bracelets. But then, on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, JLaw relayed a bizarre story in which a fan screamed her name mid-concert and held up an iPad in an attempt to connect her with Craig Conover from Southern Charm via FaceTime. I can’t even begin to explain it—I defer to Jen on this one.
Jennifer Lawrence on her Taylor Swift era tour concert#fyp #jenniferlawrence #taylorswift #erastour #jennifer #lawrence #thehungergames #hungergames #catchingfire #hungergamescatchingfire #theballadofsongbirdsandsnakes #katnisseverdeen #peetamellark #paigeandcraig #katniss #era #erastourtaylorswift #erastouroutfits #taylor #swifttok #swiftie
I don’t exactly think of a concert mom when I think of Charlize Theron, but she subverted expectations by spending her 48th birthday at one of the L.A. shows with her daughters, August and Jackson. She didn’t quite dress all the way up, but her daughters were decked out in merch, and I do spot several friendship bracelets. Ultimately, the highlight of Charlize’s concert experience was this video, in which the three-time Oscar nominee executes a charmingly awkward “Shake It Off” dance with her daughters:
A post shared by Charlize Theron (@charlizeafrica)
I can’t decide whether Billy Joel got the elusive backstage invite because of his status as a music legend, because he once called Taylor our generation’s Beatles, or because he and his family attended the show in Tampa, Florida, where I have to assume there were minimal other celebrities in attendance. Regardless, he deserves it (and his daughters are adorable).
It seems as though famous parents with tiny Swiftie children were most likely to snag a meet-and-greet slot with Taylor, but Alicia Keys’s son Genesis has extra history with our girl after he sat next to her at the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Awards. They reunited backstage after an L.A. show, and Taylor even wrote him a sweet little note documented on Alicia’s Instagram:
A post shared by Alicia Keys (@aliciakeys)
You’re not gonna believe this, but Paul Rudd has once again proved himself to be the nicest guy in the world. After being approached by singer-songwriter fan Claud at the VIP tent at the Eras Tour and told about a song they wrote called “Paul Rudd,” the titular Paul gave Claud his email and promised to connect with them about the album. Not only did he come through, but Paul Rudd also ended up starring in a music video for his new Eras Tour bestie.
Posting concert videos on Instagram is one thing; livestreaming from a VIP suite in the middle of the show is another. No surprise that Tiffany Haddish chose the more chaotic route, going on Instagram Live during “No Body, No Crime” to cheer on “our girl TT” with Cameron Diaz and Zoe Saldaña:
| Cameron Diaz and Zoe Saldana were at the show with @TiffanyHaddish! #LATSTheErasTour

— She went live on Instagram for 7minutes during the evermore set. pic.twitter.com/YrWXo6OSrR
Cameron really steals the show here with some very mom-core finger snapping and asking Tiffany “What song is this?” after confirming that they’re live. Not everyone knows the B-sides.
Longtime Taylor BFF Jaime King hasn’t made it into a music video yet, but she’s got that Fourth of July party invite locked down (not to mention that Taylor is her son’s godmother). So it’s not a shocker that Jaime showed up at an L.A. stop, posting on her Instagram Stories about Taylor’s “prolific soul.” But if you thought you saw Jaime at the Glendale show, take another look—it was probably her (and Margot Robbie’s) clone, Samara Weaving, who took a break from looking identical to a bevy of blond actresses to check out the opening-night concert.
Few famous fans committed to Eras friendship bracelet culture like Halsey. She made 50 different bracelets to give out and trade at an L.A. show, which I have to imagine is a time commitment that’s similarly lengthy to—and much more rewarding than—say, writing more than 100 blurbs about celebrity Taylor Swift fans.
I’m the world’s biggest Alias fan, so it’s important to me that Jennifer Garner attended the Kansas City show not only for Taylor, but also to cheer on opener Gracie Abrams, daughter of longtime collaborator J.J. Abrams.
A post shared by Jennifer Garner (@jennifer.garner)
It’s also the most Jennifer Garner thing in the world to don every single bracelet that fans gave her at the show, resulting in forearms so packed that I worry for her circulation. I don’t know a better person!
These celebrity parents have all done their best, but no one does the Eras Tour like Gen Z does the Eras Tour. Millie Bobby Brown, a longtime Swiftie who used lyrics from “Lover” in her engagement announcement, showed up to the Cincinnati show in full Lover attire, rhinestone eye heart and all. This would have been enough to secure her a high ranking, but then she went viral for this sweet moment with a security guard:
Millie you made my entire life. Seriously such a genuine and kind person. ❤️❤️❤️ #milliebobbybrown #eras #tserastour #cincy #cincinnati #erastourcincinnati #tserastour2023 #erastourcincy #tstheerastourcincinnati
Here’s the thing: Did Meghan Markle actually attend the Eras Tour? The internet tells me she was at a Los Angeles show, but I can’t find a single image of her in the crowd, which seems impossible. Everyone seems to be working off a Page Six report that says she went to the concert while Harry was in Tokyo for a business trip—but are we sure? Maybe everyone is just too wrapped up in rewatching Suits on Netflix and they collectively hallucinated seeing Meghan as a result. You can’t trust everything you read online, you guys.
All that said, if we’re working on the assumption that the internet is correct and the Duchess of Sussex did in fact make the long drive from Montecito to Inglewood to sit through a four-hour show with a stadium full of lowly peasants, she automatically gets a high ranking. I don’t make the rules. (I do.)
Another celebrity to go live on Instagram during the show! Thanks to the magic of the internet, you can experience 10 minutes of the Eras Tour with all-time hang Sarah Paulson:
Sarah at the end is so cute with all the bags // video by @Lupita Nyong’o #sarahpaulson#aylnlvsgirls#erastourtaylorswift#sarahpaulsonswiftie#sarahpaulsoninstagram#sarahpaulsonfan#taylorswiftbracelets#erastourmerch#lupitanyongo#rachelpaulson#sarahpaulsonandrachelpaulson
And that’s not all: Lupita Nyong’o took it upon herself to document their journey in a deeply charming TikTok that included a mid-show upgrade (“We’re moving closer!”); cameos from Darren Criss, Mae Whitman, and Miles Heizer; and an impressive merch haul. Sarah was also vibing with Elizabeth Banks and Amy Adams, trading bracelets with Brie Larson, and apparently just hanging out with everyone. I would die for her, and it seems that half of Hollywood would, too.
Iconic squad member Selena Gomez attended two nights of the Eras Tour, first in Texas and then in Los Angeles, both times with her sister Gracie. As far as concert wardrobes go, Selena left most celebs in the dust. She recreated Taylor’s Folklore “Cardigan” look for the first show, then decked herself out in concert merch for the second. Missed opportunity to go as her own villainous character from the “Bad Blood” music video, but a strong showing nonetheless.
The dress code at the Eras Tour is so strict that even Adam Sandler adjusted his uniform of huge shirt and basketball shorts to fit in. He’s in his Lover era, and he’s thriving.
| Adam Sandler is at the Eras Tour! pic.twitter.com/vz9UyrNW76
For proof that everyone’s favorite Australian power couple had the time of their lives at the Eras Tour, look no further than the TikTok that Keith Urban posted of him and Nicole Kidman as they blissfully enjoyed “Style” at the Philadelphia show. They had so much fun they didn’t even realize they were hard launching Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham’s new relationship.
we love ya @Taylor Swift #erastour
To be fair, Bo’s a tall guy, and Keith is not. It’s not his fault his TikTok turned into an accidental kiss cam. But the combination of Nicole and Keith’s genuine enjoyment with the resulting small-scale social media scandal was truly beautiful. “I felt bad!” Keith told Entertainment Tonight, apologizing to Phoebe and Bo. “I was just digging the concert!” We know, buddy. We know.
I don’t think Taylor Lautner gets enough credit for being one of the few Taylor Swift exes with a song about how she did him wrong. She apologizes to him! It’s the most iconic thing about Taylor Lautner, followed closely by the fact that he married a different woman named Taylor, who then took his last name to become Taylor Lautner: The Second.
The Taylors Lautner attended several stops of the Eras Tour, including Kansas City, where Taylor (Swift) invited Taylor (Lautner, the first) onto the stage, where Taylor (Lautner, still the first) did a backflip and showed off his appearance in Taylor (Swift)’s new music video for “I Can See You,” as Taylor (Lautner, the second) looked on.
Huge night for Taylors.
Each Eras show starts with a countdown on a giant clock, which is why I have to assume no one felt more at home in the audience than clock enthusiast Flavor Flav. I’m just gonna let his video from the Detroit show speak for itself:
THANKX to all my new friends,,, luv my fellow Swifties #TaylorSwift #ErasTour #FriendsForever pic.twitter.com/BY6ELIkFmQ
I don’t want to give too much credit to the men who slapped a few sparkles on their faces and sang the words to some of the most popular songs in the world—not when the girls were out there recreating full outfits and sobbing their way through surprise songs. But Channing Tatum is different. Channing Tatum is special. Channing Tatum single-handedly redeemed the Lover heart that Mark Zuckerburg tried his best to ruin. Please look at Gayle King’s pictures and videos of Channing voguing in am “I’m the Daddy It’s Me” shirt and tell me they do not bring you immense happiness:
A post shared by Gayle King (@gayleking)
I forgive him for calling himself Daddy. I forgive him for the jorts. I forgive him for Jupiter Ascending.
It’s hard to describe the overwhelming, chaotic joy that I felt sitting in the stands on the final night of the Eras Tour’s first leg and seeing on Twitter that Karlie Kloss was not only at the show, but sitting in worse seats than I was. I’m not an actual Kaylor shipper (I’ve always been more of a Dianna Agron girl, myself), but I have dedicated a lot of time and brainpower over the years to keeping up with the Kaylor conspiracy, and I’ve found the ensuing Taylor-Karlie cold war to be even more entertaining. So the fact that Karlie had “shown up uninvited,” as one fan put it, was beautiful, and hilarious, and baffling. And to then not be sitting in the VIP section? To be among the regular people? Unreal. Flawless.
Maybe they’re chill now—maybe Taylor invited her, and Karlie didn’t pay real human dollars in the Ticketmaster trenches like the rest of us. Or maybe they’re still feuding, and Karlie just lives for chaos and decided to roll up and look the Kaylor conspirators right in the eye. Either way, her appearance made a bigger social media splash than just about anyone else’s, generating the kind of joyous hater energy that can fuel a fandom for weeks.
At each show, Taylor chooses a young fan to come to the front of the stage during “22,” when they share a cute hug before Taylor plops her classic Red bowler hat on the tiny fan’s head. It’s a sweet, emotional moment every time, but particularly during the first L.A. show of the tour, when the honor went to Vanessa and Kobe Bryant’s 6-year-old daughter, Bianka. Beyond Bianka’s moment in the spotlight, it was a perfect, glittery girls night out for the Bryant Swifties. The younger girls rocked some floofy purple dresses and sequined jackets, complete with protective concert headphones, and Vanessa wore a custom bejeweled jean jacket featuring a picture of Kobe and Taylor onstage during The 1989 World Tour. To wrap things up, they snagged the coveted postshow picture with Taylor. Quite frankly, no celebrity squad did it better.
Emma Stone seems like the greatest friend of all time, and also possibly the biggest Taylor Swift fan of all time. First, she was seen at the opening night of the tour in Glendale, “losing her entire gd mind” to “You Belong With Me.” But that wasn’t enough—she also had to close out two nights of the tour in Los Angeles, where she was seen trading bracelets with fans, chatting with Damien Chazelle (in a mini La La Land reunion), and cheers-ing with Laura Dern.
Aside from the friendship bracelets, Emma didn’t dress to the nines like some of these other fans, but I think that speaks to the purity of her experience. She wasn’t there to be seen, or to make any “Best-Dressed Celebs at the Eras Tour” lists. She simply showed up three separate times to scream her little heart out for her longtime bestie, and that’s what it’s all about.
I know, I know. It pains me too. But ultimately, no single celebrity benefited more from their Eras Tour appearance than Travis Kelce—and we have to give him credit for buying into the full experience, even if it was in service of (successfully) shooting his shot. He went so far as to make Taylor a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it, which is equal parts cringe and genius, and therefore pretty firmly in line with Taylor’s own brand. Travis bemoaned that he was unable to give Taylor the bracelet or speak to her after the show on his podcast in July, but clearly they managed to connect in the months since.

It does feel a little wrong to give Travis the no. 1 spot over all these other celebs, who showed up without an underlying agenda, but aside from Matty Healy, whose rebound moment was too dark sided and chaotic to enjoy, no other famous attendee managed to finagle their way into a new Taylor era of their own. And no matter how long it lasts from here on, we cannot deny that the Kelce era is firmly upon us. Let’s hope he can keep from messing this up long enough to inspire a few smash hits and turn every aggro NFL fan into a Swiftie via sheer exposure therapy.
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